The Avedöre wastewater treatment plant (WTTP) is a large plant with full nitrogen removal processes located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Biogas is produced through primary and secondary sludge anaerobic digestion. The efficient conversion of its energy potential into usable and marketable forms of energy is a decisive process for the energy recovery of wastewater treatment plant. This case study focuses on the full-scale demonstration of the power-to-gas concept.


  • A full scale biological methanisation plant
    • Measured by: Stable operation for 3000 hours
  • Increased biogas production
    • Measured by energy balance, amount and quality of gas produced
  • Development and full-scale test of advanced control strategies (remote control and online monitoring)
    • Measured by real time remote connectivity, opex and operator hours
  • Optimised interaction between operation, price of electricity and storage
    • Measured by total operating hours, net cost of input energy/Nm3 methane output
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Wind is rapidly becoming the main source of energy in Denmark. In 2014, 39% of Danish electricity consumption was covered by wind. By 2020 it is expected that more than 50% of the overall electricity consumption will be covered by wind power. Similarly, more than 80% of the energy supplied will come from green sources: mainly from wind, biomass and solar. Green electricity with many fluctuating sources calls for smart grid solutions including storage, flexible consumption and production.

The POWERSTEP project will be a first full scale demonstration of power-to-gas concept. A 1 megawatt (MW) biological methanisation plant will be erected to convert biogas CO2 to methane. The goal is to produce gas of a quality suited for direct injection into the Danish National Gas Grid.

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