Our goal is to raise awareness on the potential of wastewater as a renewable source of energy!

Cédric Hananel, Arctik


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Case study 6 - Altenrhein

Case study 5 - Kirchbil

Nitritation of sludge dewatering effluent at a two-stage WWTP

Case study 4 - Braunschweig

Innovative management strategies to increase energy automony

Case study 3 - Avedöre

From biogas to a more usable form of energy

Case study 2 - Sjölunda

Carbon extraction and nitrogen removal

Case study 1 - Westewitz

Kohlenstoffextraktion und stickstoffentfernung: ein erster schritt zur energiegewinnung

Case study 1 - Westewitz

Carbon extraction and nitrogen removal: a first step to energy production

CS3 scientific poster

CS2 scientific poster

Energy audit cooperation agreement GE