Here is the list of our published project deliverables. 34 deliverables are due by the end of the project.

Deliverable 1.1 - Optimised design of the microscreen and periphery for primary filtration

Deliverable 1.2 - Design and performance of advanced primary treatment with microscreen

Deliverable 1.3 - Compedium of best practice of primary treatment processes for advanced carbon extraction

Deliverable 2.1 - Advanced control system for energy efficient biological nitrogen removal

Deliverable 2.3 - Process description for maintaining stable nitrogen removal using nitritation + amammox with MBBRs in mainstream water

Deliverable 2.4 - Feasibility of mainstream nitrogen remmoval and biomass prodution with duckweed bioreactor

Deliverable 2.5 - Options for nitrogen removal after advanced carbon extraction

Deliverable 3.1 - Best practices for improved sludge digestion

Deliverable 3.2 - Full-scale technico-economical assessment of Power-to-gas concept applied to WWTP

Deliverable 3.3 - Full-scale technico-economical performances of options for heat electricity conversion in WWTP