WWTP as an element of the energy system

On Thursday 14 of July 2016, POWERSTEP partners Boris Lesjean (Veolia) and Markus Forstmeier (Electrochaea) participated to the conference entitled "Demand based energy management in WWTP as corner stone of the energy transition”, organised by the Technical University of Munich.

The event was the occasion to underline some initiatives which aim to demonstrate the energy flexibility of WWTPs in Germany and other European countries. Speakers highlighted that concepts and solutions exist; but so far only limited full-scale experience, such as the POWERSTEP case studies, have been carried on.

The German wastewater specialists emphasised that WWTPs could play a favorable role in decentral energy systems, given available and existing technical solutions. But the current legal framework does not set the right conditions to further develop the concept of energy-positive WWTP. Nowadays, energy from wastewater is discriminated from the tax and subsidy advantages other renewable energies sources benefit. This opinion was shared by energy experts. In this regard, the German project ARRIVEE, presented as an initiative which looks at these issues, will plan a stakeholder / end-user event to address the topics.

Participants from the industry, utilities and acamedia were interested in learning about the concept of "energy-positive WWTP". POWERSTEP has therefore the chance to demonstrate and to validate its innovative ideas, while paving the way towards an appropriate legal framework. 

In addition, Boris Lesjean and Markus Forstmeier presented a poster on the Avedöre case study, which focusses on the integration of biological methanation to the WWTP, as a «power-to-gas» concept.


Click to access the Avedöre Case Study poster presented during the session